What’s so special about OptionBlitz?

4 min readJan 23, 2023

OptionBlitz USP Review

New projects are entering the space all the time, how does OptionBlitz compare to them? Our initial analysis showed that the majority of emerging derivatives projects recycled each other’s ideas but all shared the same characteristics. They offer more conservative products and cater to the long-term investor. We have fine-tuned our platform to suit clients that typically settle trades the same day down to as low as 10 second trade windows. We also present our ‘Turbos’ which we believe will set a new standard in the industry due to fundamental advantages they have over the incumbent perpetual swaps/futures products common in the crypto market. We explore these later in the features section.

OptionBlitz is disrupting the crypto trading market by finally giving traders the stable system offering best-in-class execution, products, and zero price impact trading to satisfy different risk profiles and comprehensive trading strategies.

Current online crypto and trading platforms don’t have all the necessary feature and products in one place. Major problems amongst these platforms centre around trust, usability, and conservative investments



  • Traders have lost trust in online trading due to fraud, scams, and lack of transparency in the trading and crypto industry.
  • Between 2021 and 2022, $680 million was reported lost from crypto scams
  • Consumers are in desperate need of trustworthy a crypto trading platform after the FTX Scandal


  • Current offerings are hard to understand and lack and attractive UI/UX
  • User experience elements like onboarding, interfaces, tools, and features are difficult to navigate


  • Legacy platforms offer more conservative products with restrictive characteristics
  • Decentralized platforms are focused more on the long-term investor leaving ‘’daily’’ retail traders underserved

OptionBlitz is an innovative derivative trading platform that complies the most popular options and leveraged instruments into a trust-minimised, accessible, and user-friendly experience.



OptionBlitz is completely transparent and fully accountable trading platform with sophisticated risk management systems ensuring safety of liquidity providers’ funds.

OptionBlitz runs inside a trusted execution environment where clients can self-custody their funds at all times. OptionBlitz price feeds are also delivered by secured ChainLink nodes.


Easy to use platform developed with UI/UX principles for retail trader operations. Liquidity providers can stake USDC and in exchange for revenue share and receive supercharged rewards by funding the BLX token to their stake.


Compared to whats on the market right now, OptionBlitz has the best in class UI/UX for traders. OptionBlitz is launched on Layer 2 scaling solution Arbitrum, which allows high velocity trading, with instant entry and exit.

The OptionBlitz platform’s protocol cannot discriminate clients based on performance of their accounts and also offers the most competitive fees compared to rivals.


OptionBlitz offers multiple trading products with different risk profiles and has the largest range of options in one place.

OptionBlitz has brought a compltely revolutionary product to the market with our Turbos. Turbos are our flagship product, they’re similar to perpetual futures but require the trader to pay no margin. The lack of margin cap’s Turbo’s risk but if the Turbo’s knockout level is reached, the users position is terminated. Turbos support up to 200x Leverage with 24 hours trading even in markets which close at the end of the day. The balancing mechanism is performed by the market volatility function instead of book asymmetry.


Also known as a zero-day to expiration option or 0DTE — is options contracts that have expiration on the same day they are traded. Zero-day options allow traders to open and close a position on the same day the contract expires. It is an option trading strategy that takes advantage of short-duration trading time to exercise rights to buy or sell options.

OptionBlitz offers many zero day option products accompanied by a huge array of trading pairs including all major fiat currencies, crypto currencies, metals and energies.


OptionBlitz has created a pioneering permission-less and extremely well- compensated, which is fundamentally integrated into the trading protocol. Innovative Web3 integrations enhance affiliate accounts to boost potential growth.


OptionBlitz collects fixed fees and distributes them to liquidity providers in different ways. In order for traders to begin trading, all they need to do is have USDC in their Metamask wallet. The platforms liquidity is provided in the form of USDC tokens by liquidity providers who receive a revenue share in exchange fro their investment. Affiliates help bring more users to the platform and are well compensated for it.

All of these aspects give OptionBlitz a unique selling point as no other platform in the market offers this magnitude of trading products and functionality, with the combination of a community driven reward structure.

Now you know about what OptionBlitz has to offer day traders, CLICK HERE to find out more about OptionBlitz trading products.




Decentralised options and social trading, built on Arbitrum.