What is OptionBlitz?

4 min readJan 23, 2023


OptionBlitz is a decentralised trading platform built on an Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution called Arbitrum, to enhance performance and deliver a better, fully-permission-less user experience for its clients.

Products available to trade with include digital options, classic options and our flagship trading product: Turbos. We bring the world’s first decentralised Turbos to the blockchain, combining the features of leveraged certificates with perpetual swaps.

Optionblitz also supports liquidity mining in the form of USDC staking. Liquidity providers can stake USDC in exchange for a revenue share with flexible conditions enabling total control of their investment with zero impermanent loss.

Optionblitz will deploy a DAO “Decentralised Autonomous Organization” as a separate entity to initially bootstrap the liquidity for the Optionblitz trading protocol and give members BLX tokens in exchange. These tokens will support multiple utilities including governance rights over the DAO, staking power enhancement on USDC yields plus discounted trading fees.

Finally, a transparent affiliate program will develop growth and penetrate large communities of traders around the world. Continue reading as we explore all these concepts and features.


  • To be the number 1 derivatives trading platform on Ethereum Layer 2.
    Constantly innovate and develop new trading products catering to all risk appetites
  • Enhance our traders experience by securing key partnerships with influencers, communities and developing our Trading Academy
  • Deliver on all proposals made to the OptionBlitz DAO and maximise returns to investors. Maintain and secure all systems with regular reports and economic audits.
  • Invest in Research & Development and key Human Resources to explore new technologies and ways to optimise our business.


The world-wide forex and crypto trading economies are huge and sustain millions of traders every day, DeFi secures billions of dollars of capital and the appetite for new trading opportunities is constantly evolving. As these opportunities arise so do the risks and the regulations. Blockchain technology offers the chance to build highly efficient markets with maximum transparency and security. As the Optionblitz trading platform runs inside a trusted execution environment, clients can secure their funds on their own devices. Users know their funds are safe, their funds are always in their control and they can avoid cases of fraud which is rampant among Forex brokers.

Optionblitz is providing a service that is open to everyone. The protocol cannot discriminate clients based on the performance of their account or ban them from trading, instead careful algorithms regulate risk according to various on-chain metrics.

Most of our competitors lack an attractive UI/UX; their websites are clunky and hard to understand. We have worked hard to streamline our user experience and include many markets which are excluded due to a lack of banking partnerships. We have created what is possibly the most intuitive and attractive user interface complete with all the most important charting tools and add-ons. It runs in any web browser and doesn’t require any downloads. We even have a browser wallet/secure portal if a client does not have access to a dapp wallet like Metamask or Trustwallet. It’s fast and easy to deposit in almost any cryptocurrency or buy it via our fiat gateway partners.

Optionblitz also benefits from first-mover advantages by deploying to Arbitrum and spearheading the shift from Layer 1 Ethereum into Layer 2. The massive demand for Layer 2 projects is really exciting and the next generation of blockchain applications has arrived.

If you are not a trader, we have a very attractive liquidity mining program offering excellent rewards/yields on USDC provided to the protocol. Participation in OptionBlitz is also possible through the OptionBlitz DAO offering a chance to enter the heart of a DeFi trading powerhouse from the very beginning.


OptionBlitz’s objective is to become the most popular on-chain options platform within 12 months and offer traders the best experience in the market. We aim to give traders a stable trading system which offers best-in-class execution and zero price impact trading.

We also aim to offer our users a variety of products to satisfy different risk profiles and allow them to build sophisticated structured products to support the most comprehensive trading strategies.

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Decentralised options and social trading, built on Arbitrum.