How do I become a token sale Affiliate? Tips and Tricks

3 min readJan 23, 2023

How to become an OptionBlitz token sale Affiliate

To become a BLX token sale affiliate is a quick and easy process, here are the steps you will need to follow.

First, you will need to visit the OptionBlitz BLX token sale page and here you will see that you will get a 10% referral reward in BLX by sharing your affiliate link to new investors (CLICK HERE).

TIP: Make sure you’re logged into your Magic Link wallet, if you don’t have one follow out step by step guide on how to set up a Magic Link wallet through the OptionBlitz presale page by clicking HERE. You can also connect via wallet connect and Metamask.

Great, you’re now connected and can continue with your BLX token sale Affiliate campaign setup.

You will notice a popup appear:

Here you will see your unique affiliate link. This link is for you to share with your community, any investment bought to the token sale through your link will mean a 10% reward for you. All rewards will be paid in in BLX and will be split into two stages.

Stage 1 (Presale) — This stage will last for 1 month between (Feb 28th 2023 — March 28th 2013). Investors in the presale are incentivised by receiving a discounted presale price of 0.1USDC/1BLX. This is a massive reduction in price as when the IBCO is complete and the hard cap is reached, the token price will be 0.4USDC/1BLX.

Stage 2 (Bonding Curve Offering) — This stage will last for 1 month between (Feb 28th 2023 — March 28th 2013). Investors in the BCO will have to act fast in order to receive the best USDC / BLX price. As the BCO price is a function of supply and demand, the OptionBlitz Bonding Curve ensures that each newly minted token (which is sold to buyers in the market), is more expensive than the previous token. Affiliates who bring investment to the OptionBlitz BCO will also be rewarded with 10% of the investment made through their affiliate link at the end of stage 2.

Example of affiliate reward in Stage 1:

Alex has generated and copied his affiliate link, and has gone on to share it with his community. Through his affiliate link 100,000USDC was invested by his community into the presale, giving investors 1,000,000 BLX Tokens at the end of stage 1. Alex’s affiliate reward will be 100,000 BLX, paid at the end of stage 1 (28th March 2023).


The OptionBlitz model is built around its community and in doing so looks to reward all affiliates handsomely, whether you are a token sale affiliate or trading affiliate. Here are some tips and tricks on how to earn the best rewards as an affiliate:

Use Promotional materials provided by OptionBlitz — We have created promotional materials such as banners and video graphics, so you don’nt have to. Share these with your community on you socials for maximum impact.

Direct your community to our socials — We are on all major socials and have thriving communities on Telegram and Discord. Directing your community to our groups will allow your investors to directly engage with our team

Engage With the OptionBlitz Team — Make use of having direct contact with the team, ask any questions you have and even book a meeting via video call through the presale page.

To find out more about The OPTIONBLITZ IBCO, CLICK HERE




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